Bruits de la Passion is a collective of underground parties’ organizers based in France.
Founded by 4 DJs and music producers in 2016, the collective always had the will of not closing themselves into one visual identity, but still they wanted a logo and ask me to create it.

As this logo would be more aspirational than functional, I could think of something illustrative, mixed with the entire name. I focused on the word “Passion”.
Thinking of late night dancers “close to trance” faces, my first researches were inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini statue Extasy of Saint Teresa.

step1In a less Art Nouveau style, I also got some inspiration from Jean Cocteau’s poetic drawings.step2bis

With the will to visually simplify everything, I combined these researches with the idea of a mask, “the item that hides or reveals”, used for rituals or celebrations throughout the ages …


… which leaded me to the final logotype:


Bruits de la Passion is now a team of 18 people which I joined in 2018. We organize alternative parties through the year mostly in/around Paris, and one annual festival called Zone Disco Autonome in different part of France. You can follow our events here.

© Sophie de Chassey