Horizon 2050 is a graphical adaptation of Dominique Méda’s book La Mystique de la Croissance, Comment s’en libérer (which can be translated “How to free ourselves from growth belief”).
This 2013 book deals with the obsession of economic growth in our society, why it is incompatible with a sustainable world, and what could be the solutions toward a desirable future.

This is a very enlightening essay about quite an unpleasant topic to most people. Even for those who find it interesting, it’s still a 300 pages book in the Economy/Environment section of a library, which can be quite undigestible if you’re not deeply curious about it.
This is why my aim was to make it easier to read. I splitted the book in three volumes, shortened the original text, added different reading levels, and completed it with graphs and more detached quotes.

A selection of some double pages of the three volumes are readable below.





This was part of a 2014 diploma project.
© Sophie de Chassey