The 翰墨 (kanboku – writing) project is an experimental movie based on two poems of Sakutaro Hagiwara. Each verses or words are illustrated by pieces of Japanese movies from 1950 to 2000.
The purpose of these videos is to give to an occidental audience the atmosphere
of a poem from a totally different culture: Japan, without any subtitle and through an hypnotizing visual experience.

This project was made in collaboration with Lou Hisbergue. Each of us worked on one poem, and the one I chose is 婦人と雨 (fujin to ame – the lady and the rain).
The movie below is the part I realised, but the full version is watchable


Thanks to Junichi Yoda and Yosuke Hosokawa for their voices
and Mika Yoda for her precious help with translation.
The movie background music is Before I Leave by Fennesz.
© Sophie de Chassey