Tölva is an instrumental progressive rock band from France, and they asked me to create a visual for their first EP.

My working process was the same as usual for musical project: first understand what the band is visually sensible for, and then get my own inspiration from their music which I found both spectral and electrifying, sometimes very subtle and sometimes very strong. The idea of the jellyfish came to me quite easily: so delicate and hypnotizing while swimming underwater, but also predatory and dangerous.


This visual is a montage of a jellyfish stock image and the hand of Tölva’s drummer I could photograph by myself. To get this spectral feeling, it was a choice to put them in front of a wall, in the air and not underwater.

Starting from the EP cover, I also designed the poster and the band’s logotype.



© Sophie de Chassey


Anecdote:   The name Tölva comes from Icelandic. The word is composed by tal (number) and völva (prophetess) and means… computer. I love this language.