Zone Disco Autonome 2018

Zone Disco Autonome is an underground music festival organised by Bruits de la Passion. It is held every year in a different locality of France and invites artists from everywhere as well as it invites to discover the land, local artists and products, with a festive and convivial spirit above all. The 3rd edition took place in Aubrac and I offered my services on graphic design as I joined the collective.

The festival poster is a teamwork with Aymard Caillol and Justine Dorion, based on an illustration by Acacio Ortas. My intervention was mainly on matching the typography with the illustration (contour, texture, colours). This poster served as my basis for developing different mediums: meal tickets, T-shirt, signage, festival guide leaflet…




The festival guide leaflet is also a teamwork: all of the “illustrative” pages with cutouts, drawings or photographs are from Nos Étés dans l’Aubrac, a true family heritage from Thomas Jacquey. It is a thick guide book handmade by his grandfather, who deeply fell in love with his wife native region. A few pages were carefully selected and scanned by Quentin Morlot and I included them in the leaflet without touching their layout.