Baobab Poster

The baobab is a majestic tree, so large that it became a traditional gathering place in Africa. Source of tales and sacred for several cultures, its massive trunks with roots look alike branches are one of the most emblematic shape of arid savannahs. But in the last 10 years, after living through 1.100 to 2.500 […]

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Code Manifesto

Code is a French collective of musicians, composers and visual artists from all different backgrounds. Performing in any kind of locations and collaborating with multiple artists, Code defends a new approach to the orchestra in today’s world. I have relied on Code’s will to add a pop dimension to formal music and break lay public’s […]

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MSQ is a graphic research on the French word “Musique”. The idea was to create a series of static abstract imagery inspired by this word’s meaning. I initially used the consonants of the word “Musique”, M S and Q, from which I could symbolise sound through 3 different ways. Thus, I could create a number […]

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